Bekka (b_is_for_bekka) wrote in the_second_step,

Written after 10 days in mexico with my friend, basically an girl with ridiculous amounts of money, has never been told no in her life, concerned only with having fun, and a social conscience the size of a peanut... a sweetheart personally, but very very very different from me. Anyway, any critiques are greatly appreciated.

She comes up for air
to the room from the pool
filled with (precious) tidbits,
the (currency) of the resort;
stories of husbands cheating for five years
and wives with no idea,
who bought land (cheap) in Cuba,
which waiters would (trade) drinks for
kisses. Kisses are (cheap) here.

I try to (steal) minutes
to listen to my hypnosis tapes,
and I sleep curled up
earplugs in.
She can’t sleep without the TV on,
soap operas and (ads) insinuating themselves
into her dreams
my nightmares
Only (500 pesos) apiece
and if you call in the next five minutes
we’ll throw in a second (free).

We sit across the table from each other
in the five star restaurant
talking about the state of the world
and (wholesale) slaughter
and she looks at me through her (expensive) sunglasses
with something like pity
and a sad little half-smile
and says
Well, but that’s not my problem.
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