Shimmy Shamanist (xangelslavex) wrote in the_second_step,
Shimmy Shamanist

Folk audio magazine project!

I am posting this for a friend, to spread the word.

"the other day i walked the streets of salt lake city at sunset with nothing but a harmonica, a tape recorder and my voice. i wrote three songs spontaneous, everything is there, if i studder or lose my train of thought, random information and observation, the sound of cars passing its all there and i decided i'm going to record a frequently released audio magazine. Here's the idea: folk music as described above, poetry, stories and a zine with each with the complete written out songs and stories behind them, poems and art of various types. I'll be gathering subscribers soon, so if youre interested email me at and i'll get the first edition into your hands soon. This project should be unlike any other and who knows how far it will go or where it will evolve. The project is entitled "Go Moan For Man" based off a poem that Jack Kerouac wrote to express what he felt a poet should do for the world as directed by God.
thank you,
tom bennett

ps: if anyone would want to help me get the word out let me know and um... please repost"
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