irou_2_spill (irou_2_spill) wrote in the_second_step,

"Meeting Place"

didn't want to critique without showing anything as well. hope ya'll enjoy


Sweetened perfumes raze to the edge where I fall away
into ethered plain of enormity with each hand laying out
a fall of feather grace under me that stem that bud
who lay and drifted here she waited calmly, eyes
darting, they smile each speck they see.

Grace me! Plain to see I'm for you, won't you?
How could I not? A bless you float so clearly.

Deft in motor glide and bank to fall round the emptyless edge
ethers over bud over ethers wisp up calmed air, pulling
pulling, pulling each root hard and hard
a new blind by those far stars cast by
lash each bound'ry with strong sea ropes
and hold each prayer in all in epic verse
Please, I took too long to meet you.
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