coverupthegirl (coverupthegirl) wrote in the_second_step,

this is my first post, please critique, show me how to improve for I know it can be much better

World Falls Apart

The silence is therapy in this artificially lit room,
charred floor from fires that have burned and been
put out with pain, the smoke is fear that covers the
room like a blanket, I can not stop coming back here,
hoping the door won't open anymore, but it does with
all the haunting lines engraved in the wooden grains,
the disturbed dust choking feelings,

I know now I don't exist beyond here, these four walls
that hold me together with cracking plaster decaying,
faster, faster, it keeps getting harder to see memories
folded up on each other, the places and names disintegrate
into the growing dark, pretense fading causing desegregation
of important things into nothing,

the room's silence is broken only by the violence of it's
demise, small splinters have begun to become apparent throwing
light across the floor in parallels, the light is bright and
wonderful, it shimmers and glows as each hole grows, my
world inside this room groans, bellows and falls apart showing
growth beneath the rubble, I find life outside the dark
and walls that held me captive for so long.

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