Glenn Charles (oregonnerd) wrote in the_second_step,
Glenn Charles

an experimental step of my own

I'm not entirely pleased with this, so I'm posting this variously for comments.

momentary gestures

you speak of wisdom, giving
marred reflections, at times, i think
of my own voice
as answers to my questions, not

perhaps quite mocking me
but making me mock myself

and at times i wonder
how real you can be. every other one i've touched
i've changed, and you seem
somehow to have resisted

(but i have no idea
of how i might change others
or make them afraid, i am merely
a man of words)

and thus our friendship. near 30 years'

and thus i pet your pit bull
and we banter and share our
(quite legal) pot: and certain casual words
echo, and somehow remain.

:there are, yes
unsaid words
that are quite real
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