amberleecarter (amberleecarter) wrote in the_second_step,


Hey all,
yes, it's really me! Sorry I've been so absent..
Just trying to wade through the steamy pile of gray matter that seems to be my existence lately.
Actually, things are going well.
Anywho, point is I finally wrote some new poems, this is one of which.
I'm posting it here because the ending got quite the rise out of a few readers on another site, thought I'd see what everyone here thought of it.
If you've ever read my work before, you'll understand where it comes from.
So, without further babbling from me, I present to you:

I’ve extracted you
from my body
like a sliver-

a memory thirsty, burrowed deep
in flesh festered beyond discomfort.

and like a memory
the contusion remains,
reminding me to erect the ruins ‘round
a fevered tomb- once dwelling for the sacred
book of myths known to the lonely
as love.

you should have been a better god.
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